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Algorithm and Blues

October 26th, 2007 · No Comments · Code

Here is a quick update for anyone following along. It seems I have the mediocre PHP & MySql skills to pull this thing off. So whats the holdup? I have slowly slipped into a deep dark place…..algorithmic research.

I could’ve done some simple score-keeping for players adding X for a win Y for a loss, adjusting for spread and keeping everyones score in the database. What has been difficult is coming up with a formula that generates a ranking on the fly, and that produces a temporary value for rank. A “pure” real time indexing would be a function that takes all game history and mathematically find each players rank and relationship within the group without building off a stored value based on any previous calculation.

I’ve looked at some BCS theory, although most of it was how to improve the BCS ranking because it’s unpublished. Search engine ranking also provides some good insight on how rank could be calculated.

If you see me over the next couple weeks an I look unshaven and weary eyed. No Ella isn’t here yet, I’m knee deep in loops, arrays & algorithms.