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After Effects for Vertical Display

December 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Digital Process

I recently had a video project that was going to be displayed vertical monitor w/ a looping DVD. I was presented w/ a problem regarding pixel aspect ratio. After Effects, Quick Time, FCP all have built in aspect ratios for certain settings. DV / NTSC has a 720×480 format with a 0.9 pixel ratio. The problem with is that I needed to work in a vertical space….

So, ideally there would be a setting for 480×720 with a 1.1 pixel aspect ratio. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist. I thought I’d share how I got the best results in respect to .9 pixels in NTSC.

Here are some tips:

  1. Work in 480×720 square pixels.
  2. Setup one master comp that has all your nested content in it. Set your master up for 720×480 with NTSC .9 pixels.
  3. Rotate your content 90 degrees (You’ll still have some content handing over the edges)
  4. Reduce the scale of your nested comp so that it is 90% height (which is really width now after rotation) and keep the 480 portion (the height in vertical mode) at 100% b/c NTSC only squishes the with width.
  5. Now your content should line up with the NTSC height and width. It will look squished in After Effects, but if you have correct for pixel aspect ratio turned on it will look fine, and most importantly it will display correctly once you get it on a DVD and on a vertical television.

Side Note: Make sure you make TWO versions before you go test your DVD onsite, b/c you never know  how the monitor will be mounted. You could end up with upside down content if you guess wrong. Found that out the hard way:(

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  • 1 Kate // Dec 30, 2011 at 3:02 am

    Very helpful, thanks!

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