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The Bison Thing Explained Pt. 1 — What’s up with all the Bison?

June 28th, 2011 · No Comments · Art, Bison, Code, Comments on Process, Digital Process

I bumped into an old developer friend recently. It was a brief encounter in which we quickly talked about what we were working on at work and at home.

Before I walked away he said,

“What’s up with all the Bison stuff? I don’t get it. Is it a design thing?”

To which I replied,

“Yes… A design thing… Um, It’s hard to explain.”

And that was the end of it. This has come up several times and I’ve always struggled to explain in person this “thing” that I’m working on. So… let’s me try to explain why I’ve been piddling around with Bison pictures on and off for the last year.

I’ve been a little reluctant to share some of my thoughts out here in the open. This is the internet ya know? You can’t just go sharing all your half baked ideas with the whole world, can you?!  What if they all point and laugh at me?

In the next couple posts I will go over my intent and inspiration for this project, and hopefully post the final series of rendered images so I can move on with my life, or at least the next wacky thing I have planned:)


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