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October 24th, 2011 · No Comments · Digital Process, Trout

So with bison in my rearview I look forward at my next project. The idea is pretty straightforward: Generate a fish illustration based on a data set.

Jacob Trout

Trout from the White River

A bit about the inspiration: I grew up fishing in a creek. We would pull out an occasional catfish or bass, but we caught more Bluegill / Sunfish than anything else. Stumbling upon a school of bluegill meant a fun-filled afternoon of catching fish. Even a small bluegill usually put up a pretty good fight.

Just a couple years ago I went on my first Trout adventure (live bait). Trout is a much different fish, and a whole different kind of fun. Trout have some very distinctive sub-groups; cut-throat, rainbow, brown, etc. From an art and design perspective I’ve really come to love those fish species illustrations. They look like this;

Rainbow Trout Illustration

So let’s create some new kinds of fish! Right now the plan is to borrow from the color sets found on Adobe’s kuler website. I’ll use the information to generate a new kind of fish based on the body base of a trout;

  • colors, from the eyes to the stripes, spots, base color and everything in between.
  • spotting: big, little, muli-colored, etc.
  • how the scales are illustrated
  • stripes, cut-throat, and other unique marks.
  • fin size, placement and rotation.
This “franken-fish” project will have it’s obstacles. Getting the colors to blend together in Photoshop has been the easy part. The difficult part will come when trying to chop everything up and reassemble and style the “franken-fish”. So far it’s been a really fun excuse for me to try out the new bristle-based brushes found in Photoshop CS5.

Photoshop CS5 brush test


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