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Trout Update

December 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Digital Process, Processing, Trout

I’ve been pecking away at my first real Processing experiment. The application will build an image of a Trout from assets I created and it will pull colors from the ColorLovers API to create different looking fish. I’m using this handy little library. I want the end result to look something like a field guide painting. Here is a work-in-progress.

Koi Trout

Koi Trout

I must say I’m really missing my trusty Flash Player and AS3. Up until now I’ve had to resist the temptation to run back to Eclipse or FDT to dive back into the familiar and warm waters of the Graphics API. Flash does a lot of the heavy lifting when managing visual display elements.

Things I miss from Flash:

  1. A display list!!!
  2. Blend mode support! thing.blendmode = “multiply”;
  3. Strong types
  4. Font Support: Letterspacing, etc.

Things I love about Processing:

  1. It’s superlightweight & free!
  2. exit(); great for running log generative processes.
  3. super easy save function – save(“myimage.png”);
  4. all the other “close to the metal” features.

In hindsight this project may not be a perfect fit for Processing. Most people use Processing to draws millions of  tiny lines based on data of some kind. My work usually has some hand drawn elements and complex masks and blend modes. This has been a fun process so far, I hope to use Processing for Data Viz in the very near future.

As for the fish; I’d like to pull in some generative elements into the patterns in, but I may abandon the project before it gets that far.



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