I have creative ADD

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For a long time I’ve struggled with realizing my personal creative projects. I get easily inspired. I currently have concepts for music, short-film, fine art, interactive, furniture, the list goes on and on. I have always struggled with realizing these concepts. Usually, I’ll convince myself that I don’t have enough talent, time, OR the idea lacks originality and people won’t appreciate it. Maybe I’m just scared.

I started jacobmake.com to document my progress with personal projects. I’ll also write about the roadblocks in creative process as I try to realize these concepts. This will be an exercise of DO-ing, getting messy, and hopefully learning something about the creative process and myself.

The Rules

  1. Each post must do one of the following; A) address a potential project, B) document a project in progress, or C) comment on the process of making personal creative projects.
  2. Each project must be result in a physical or digital object, able to be documented online by sharing some kind of file (jpeg, mp3, .mov, etc.).
  3. Only one project is allowed to be in production at a time. Once a project has begun, another cannot be started until some kind of completed file is uploaded.

Here’s to inspiration execution.